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MFL Fanatics Club FIRST LOOK - December 2021:

Hi Everyone,

This is Michael Mendheim, creator of the original Mutant League Football and Hockey, and Digital Dreams Entertainment's re-imagined spiritual successor, Mutant Football League.  First, I want to wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season, and also want to extend a huge thank you from me and everyone at Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC for supporting Mutant Football League !

We want to share some never-before-seen images of MFL2 for new generation platforms.  These are the very first MFL2 screenshots seen by anyone outside of the development team.  The MFL2 community helps us with our development focus, like which features to implement and what types of characters, weapons, and hazards they want to see in the game.  You are the most thoughtful, loyal, and dedicated fan base we’ve ever had the pleasure to interact with.

Could we have released these new screenshots to the press first?  Yes – but we aren’t doing that.  The first eyes that are going to see MFL2 are YOURS!!!

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MFL!!!  Now without further ado…

The game is still in early development.  We are about 6 to 10 months away from Alpha, but it is up and running on next-generation platforms and is currently playable.  One of the highest priorities is to bring the game's graphical presentation up to a much higher level of quality than MFL1.

That means every aspect of the game will be improved.

All the screenshots shown are taken directly from the game without any retouching.

MFL1 screenshot of the Scarolina Panzers' stadium

MFL2 screenshot of the Scarolina Panzers' stadium

The first thing you’ll notice we now have Physical Based Rendering, soft shadows from players, geometric grass, higher poly counts everywhere, and improved lighting from secondary sources.


Now check out our crowds from MFL1 and the improvements for MFL2.

MFL1 crowd screenshot - Crowds were animating sprite billboards.

MFL2 crowd screenshot - Crowds now are 3D, with lighting and bone animation.

Improving our player characters and models is one of the most important aspects of the visual development for MFL2.



Beyond the improved graphics, we also working on a tighter collision system and more fluent animations to improve every aspect of MFL2.

MFL1 screenshot of the Malice Hellboys' stadium

MFL2 screenshot of the Malice Hellboys' stadium

MFL1 screenshot – Line of scrimmage

MFL2 screenshot – Line of scrimmage

Lighting and shadows are more realistic and bright. You’ll also notice we now have 8 players per team instead of 7. Makes the use of Bruise Receivers more impactful and allows us to have more interesting formation sets.

Additional screenshot of the Malice Hellboys' stadium from MFL2

Additional screenshot of the Malice Hellboys' stadium from MFL2

You Rock!

Hope you like what we’ve shown, and there will be more to come soon. The development team is doing a tremendous job of improving every aspect of what you loved about MFL1 to make MFL2 an even more amazing experience for all of you.

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