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Roastin', Toastin', Boastin'
Chainsaws, Ginormous, & Buzzsaws
Did we mention there's chainsaws?
Fe Fi Fo Flak
It's not cheating, it's MFL-approved
Best apocalyptic skies in The MFL
Legally leading with the helmet
Ready to rumble at the Mayhem Bowl
Another fail at stopping The Beast
From QB Hustle Killsome's POV

"The carnage inflicted is thoroughly entertaining..."
                                                                                                                                                                     --- Bryan Wiedey, Sporting News

Bomb Shady
The Beast
Ghoulio Bones
Slay Wrathspews
Ohell Wreckem Jr
Wham Neutron
Hambonio Crown
Airbourne Dodgers
The Shermanator
Von Killer
Nuke Freakly
Nefarious Comet

"...for a $20 release Mutant Football League delivers

where many other sports games do not."
                                                                                                                                                                     --- Paul Rosselli, Gaming Age

Hell-Spawned Demons
Rampaging Werewolves
Mutant Super-Humans
Blitzkrieg the Orc
Deadhead Receiver
Gothic Stadium Sideline
HUD Design Winner
Deadhead Pass
Deadhead Running
Gothic Stadium Field
Gothic Stadium Perspective
Gothic Stadium Scoreboard
3-Point Stance
Three Character Sizes
Spiked Helmet Angles
Deadhead Uniform
Spiked Helmet Sides
Troll Triplettes
Troll 1
Troll 2
Troll 3
Troll 4
Troll 5
Troll Gonnamaulu
Number of the Beast Mode
Orc Front

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Wham Neutron

of the Scarolina Panzers