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MFL Bowl Game Predicts All the Mayhem


MFL throws major Super Mayhem Bowl Sunday festivities by predicting the game’s final score, announcing esports tournaments and adding all-new content

Chicago, IL - January 28, 2019 - Down by 14 points with less than a minute to go and no timeouts, Nuked London Hatriots star quarterback Bomb Shady led his team to a sixth Mayhem Bowl championship in an amazing comeback victory against the ruthless Los Scandalous Damned. Mutant Football League™’s Mayhem Bowl LIII simulation predicts a slim 27-25 overtime victory in favor of the world’s most hated football team. A video replay of this skin-ripping match-up can be found below. Watch the entire Mayhem Bowl here:

Watch the Mayhem Bowl highlight reel here:

For players who want a taste of the Super Mayhem Bowl Sunday competition, Digital Dreams Entertainment and Esports Labs are running two Mutant Football League™ esports tournaments, Mayhem Bowl Massacre and Dynasty King, on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for cash prizes totaling $1,500.

  • Mayhem Bowl Massacre – Held on February 2, this competitive tournament pits players head-to-head in an especially brutal game mode. With high death index ratings, massacring the opposition is encouraged to eliminate enough players at a given position, forcing the opponent to concede, regardless of score.

  • Dynasty King – Running for the entire month of February, Dynasty King offers players competition at a relaxed pace, as they become the GM and Coach of their own MFL team, competing against other single-players to build and manage the most profitable franchise. The player with the highest revenue on Feb. 28 will be crowned champion.

Full details for the tournaments can be accessed here.

To pre-game the Super Mayhem Bowl festivities, players can now digitally purchase the LA Power Pack DLC for $1.99. The content includes:

  • Los Scandalous Damned – The Mayhem-Bowl-bound Damned have an explosive, high-powered offense and are taking the league by storm. Their Quarterback, Jared Goth passes with demonic precision to the best receiving tandem in the league.

  • Los Scandalous Volts – The Volts are led by All-Star veteran Bloody Rivers, a smart, gutsy Quarterback who’s not afraid to throw the long ball or bash his skull against any defense. While their offense gets most of the acclaim, their defense is stout and can bloody up any offense in the league.

  • Los Scandalous Shake N Bake Arena – Both the Damned and the Volts share the same arena with different earthquake-related hazards. The stadium managed to survive “The Big One,” but is littered with fault line cracks, gaping crevices, and other nasty obstacles.

  • Mutant Cyborgs – Survivors of Monsatan’s dreaded super plague outbreak which ravaged the planet over a century ago, these Mutants are savagely violent but smart by nature. They are solid, dependable players enhanced with cybernetic technology, making them evenly balanced in most skill categories and able to play every position.

To celebrate Super Mayhem Bowl Sunday, Mutant Football League™: Dynasty Edition is currently on sale for the first time since its release, at a discount of up to 35% off across all platforms through February 5, 2019. Mutant Football League™: Dynasty Edition, is available now both digitally and at retail for the Nintendo Switch system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, and digitally for PC/Steam. The game is rated M for Violence, Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Strong Language and Mature Humor.

For more information about Mutant Football League™: Dynasty Edition, please go to Follow what's happening with Mutant Football League™ as a member of the MFL Fanatics Club. Sign-up at, or visit us on social media: Website - Facebook – YouTube – Twitter – @MutantFootball Instagram –

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Headquartered in Morton Grove, IL, USA with development anchored in Kiev, Ukraine, Michael and Maxim have developed projects such as Need for Speed: Pro-Street, Tazmania, BattleTanx, FIFA Street 2, Robocalypse, Mutant League Football & Hockey, Def Jam Icon, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes, SSX on Tour, CrimeCraft and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.

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Esports Showdown powered by Esports Labs Inc. to provide gaming enthusiasts tournaments as a service. One of many 1st party Dapps provided at Esports Labs.

Additionally, Esports Labs is developing a gaming network using blockchain technology that will pave the way for interconnected and decentralized applications/services. Our network will enable plug-n-play integration of other disruptive technologies such as Cryptocurrency, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and more.

Our goal is to push the limits and break through the boundaries with the vision to create a truly holistic and technological gaming ecosystem. A new decentralized world is in the horizon, we plan to shape and pioneer a new era of esports and gaming on the blockchain.

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Legal Notices:

Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC's Mutant Football League™ game is a parody and is NOT licensed by the National Football League or the National Football League Players Association.

© 2019 Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

The Mutant Football League™ game and the Mutant Football League™ logos are trademarks of Mendheim Productions, LLC, in the U.S. and other countries. All rights reserved.

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