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Although our headquarters are in the Chicago area, most of our development team is in Kyiv, and we send our support for their safety during this invasion of their homeland. We stand with our friends in the Ukraine.

The Ukraine continues to defend their land from invaders. Our development team, as millions of other Ukrainians, are displaced from their homes. We send our support for their safety and are donating 100% of the earnings from these t-shirt designs to the World Central Kitchen, an organization serving thousands of fresh meals to refugees.  You can find them in the 'MFL Logo & Art' collection at

Help support for those fighting to keep their freedom by contributing to organizations that support the safety, mental, physical, and all-round well being of the people in Ukraine.  The MFL thanks you for your support.


Donate to the World Central Kitchen - World Central Kitchen is a non-profit organization serving hot meals 24 hours each day to Ukrainian refugees via eight stations at border crossings into Poland as well as helping feed refugees in Germany, Moldova, and Romania; plus it's providing support to restaurants in Lviv, Kyiv, and Odessa.


Donate to Nova Ukraine - Nova Ukraine is a non-profit organization helping ordinary people & families with children by providing diapers, baby food, dry food, & essentials for hospitals; as well as gasoline, candles, flashlights, & more.

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