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This is fantasy football with a MFL twist!  2017 will be host to fourth season of Official Mutant Fantasy Football League, or OMFF (pronounced "umph").  This is NOT a money league.  This is a MFL community event.  It is free for all invitees.  While the game is being completed, 12 teams - made up of staff and fans - will go mutated head-to-mutated head for the most monstrous award in all of fantasy football: The Vic Lobotomi Trophy!


If you would like to be one of the lucky fanatics to own a team this season, look for OMFF-related posts on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profiles; then follow the directions on how to earn your spot.  Owner selections will be finalized no later than Monday, September 4. 


This is not the MFL game - it is a community event, and thus will be open for public viewing, so if you are not selected as a team owner, you can still follow all the action of fourth annual OMFF League! (remember, it's "umph" like the sound of a spiked shoulder pad sticking you in the gut)

Find out more below about why the OMFF League is a mutation of your normal fantasy football.

General League Info:

  • League Host:  Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

  • League Portal:

  • # of Teams:  12 owners made up of staff and fans

  • # of Divisions:  2 conferences

  • League Type:  Head-to-Head

  • Draft Date:  Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT

  • Draft Type:  Live, Standard

  • Playoff Length:  3 weeks (Weeks 14, 15, & 16)

  • Playoff Size:  6 teams (top three teams from each conference)

  • Roster Size:  17 players (9 starters, 6 bench, 2 injured)

  • Roster Line-up:  1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 1 Def/ST

Team Owners:

  1. Michael Mendheim, MFL Creator  (Midway Mutants)

  2. Justin Beechwood, OMFF League Commissioner  (Nuked London Hatriots)

  3. CHUD Nemesis, MFL Social Media & Community Director  (Croakland Invaders)

  4. Michael Sell, Trash Talk contest runner-up  (DC Blighted)

  5. Travis Timmons, Trash Talk contest runner-up  (Baltigore Bloodhaven)

  6. Nick Caron, Trash Talk contest runner-up  (Killer Konvicts)

  7. Brock McRock, Trash Talk contest runner-up  (Texas Terror)

  8. Andrew Nordmeier, Trash Talk contest runner-up  (Cardinal Sins)

  9. Bryan Sweet, Trash Talk contest runner-up  (Menacing Frighteners)

  10. John Schwartztrauber, Trash Talk contest runner-up  (Brawl Torn Burials)

  11. James Theiss III, Trash Talk contest runner-up  (Hacksonville Jackals)

  12. Kyote, MFL Community leader  (Nawlin's Aints)

Scoring Rules:


  • Passing Yards=1 point per 25 yards

  • Passing TD=6 points

  • Interception=-2 points

  • Sack taken=-1 point

  • Rushing Yards=1 point per 10 yards

  • Rushing TB=6 points

  • Reception Yards=1 point per 10 yards

  • Reception TD=6 points

  • Fumble=-1 point

  • Fumble Lost=-1 point

  • 2-Point Conversion=2 points

Defense / Special Teams

  • Interception=2 points

  • Sack=1 point

  • Fumble Recovery=2 points

  • Touchdown=6 points

  • Safety=2 points

  • Block Kick=2 points

  • Points Allowed 0=10 points

  • Points Allowed 1-6=7 points

  • Points Allowed 7-13=4 points

  • Points Allowed 14-20=1 point

  • Points Allowed 21-27=0 points

  • Points Allowed 28-34=-1 point

  • Points Allowed 35+=-4 points


  • Field Goal 0-39 yards=3 points

  • Field Goal 40-49 yards=4 points

  • Field Goal 50+ yards=5 points

  • Field Goal Missed 0-39 yards=-3 points

  • Field Goal Missed 40-49 yards=-2 points

  • Field Goal Missed 50+ yards=-1 point

  • Extra Point=1 point

  • Extra Point Missed=-1 point

Here's where the MFL twist comes in:  Dirty Trick Audibles allow you to manipulate the scoring of your matchup.  You are not required to use your audibles, but since many of them are risk-free, why wouldn’t you want to gain an edge?


Here’s how it works:

  • Each team has a “playbook” consisting of ten (10) Dirty Trick Audibles.

  • All teams have the same audibles at their disposal and once an audible is used, it's gone.

  • Any audible may be called during any regular season week and used in any order.

  • Audibles will not be allowed during the playoff or consolation rounds.

  • Only one audible per team per week may be called.

  • Players engaged in an audible must be in the starting lineup.

  • The first owner in a matchup to post their audible gets "audible priority", meaning that audible will count if both owners are trying to call out the same player

  • Once a player is directly involved in an audible, he is locked in to that roster for the week -- he may then not be cancelled out or moved to a different team

  • You can call your audible by posting it on the league message board.  Commissioner Bitchwood will start a new thread each week for this purpose.

  • Audibles must be posted by Thursday 8:00 PM EDT each week to ensure the audibles are called before any NFL games begin.

  • At the conclusion of your matchup, Commissioner Bitchwood will adjust scoring as necessary.

  • Audibles are not transferable.


So what "nasty" Dirty Trick Audibles are in your playbook and what do they do?

Power Play:

  • The referees all miscount the number of players on the field allowing you to have an extra player off your bench power-up your final score.

  • Audible must be called by the weekly deadline, but the extra player may be named at any time before the end of the last game of the week.  If the extra player is chosen before matches begin (pre-deadline), he scores half-again as many points.  If the extra player is selected after matches have started (post-deadline), he earns only three-quarters of the points. 

  • Example: While not in your starting line-up, Bench-Player-A scores 10 points.  Since Team-A picked him ahead of time, he earns 15 points (10 x 1.5).  If Team-A had waited until after games had started, he would have gotten 7.5 points (10 x .75).


Super Speed:

  • A player on your team runs extra fast for the whole game and earns 2 points for every 10 yards rushing, instead of 1.  You must designate which player you want to have Super Speed.

  • Example: Player-A rushes for 80 yards, normally totaling 8 points. With this audible active, that player now tallies 16 points.


Bribe the Ref:

  • MFL referees are not the most honest of creatures.  Slip them a little something under the table and they will add 10 points to your final matchup score.  Hope their bookie doesn't find out.

  • Example: Your team scores 100 points in a matchup.  With this audible active, your team will have a final score of 110 points.


The Long Bomb:

  • Whenever your opponent's Flex player touches the ball in the endzone, the ball detonates and blows him up, thus negating the touchdown.

  • Example:  Your opponent’s starting Flex position scores a touchdown.  Normally, this is good for 6 points.  With the audible active, 0 points are awarded.


Deathbone Double Down:

  • In an all-or-nothing bet, Deathbone (your bookie), lets you double down on Yahoo’s projected point output of a player on your team.  If the player meets or exceeds his projection, his points will be doubled.  If he fails to meet the projection, he will earn zero points, and Deathbone will come break your legs.

  • Example: Player-A is projected to earn 15 points this week.  He only gets 10, so he has failed to meet the projection.  As a result, you get 0 points from him for the week.  Conversely, if the player had scored 20 points, you would actually get 40.


Zap Attack:

  • With a flick of the switch, your defense gets charged up causing all position-player fumble-based stats to be triple points for your opponent (fumble, fumble lost).  Does not include Def/ST stats.

  • Example:  Team- A's RB fumbles twice, losing 1 of them.  Normally, this would be a -3 points; but with this audible active, your opponent now loses 9 points.


Blud Blitz:

  • Your defense smells the scent of QB blood in the air and rushes all in, earning double the points (except TD) and no negative points.

  • Example: Team- A gets 3 sacks, 1 interception, and allows 28 points. Normally, this would be a 4 point performance, but with the audible active, Team-A gets 10 points instead.



  • Swap an active player on your team for any player on your opponent's team.  Your player must be fully active that week, and not be out due to bye week, injury, or other issue (even "probable" injury status).  Your player must have been on your roster for at least one week prior, and taken in the draft no later than Round 5 (view eligible players here).  Swap lasts for one scoring period (week).

  • Example: Team-A gives his starting QB to Team-B, and replaces him with one of Team-B's starting WRs for their head-to-head matchup.


Black Flag:

  • Kickers have been around since the beginning (kind of like cockroaches), so spray them with some pesticide and they'll mutate into a creature that earns double FG/XP points and no negative points.

  • Example: Player-A kicks two 40-yard FG and misses one 30-yard FG. Normally, this would be a 5 point performance, but with the audible active, Player-A actually would earn 16 points.


Omaha! Omuahahahaha!:

  • Following the start of the week's first game, but before the end of the week's last game; you may (with a sinister laugh) call this extra audible allowing you to change your previous Dirty Trick for the week.  May only be used once for the whole season.  Cannot be used to change from or change to Confusion.

  • Example: Team-A's manager calls Super Speed on his RB1 prior to the week's games starting. In the Sunday Night game, his RB2 goes all Bones Jackson for 200yds.  Team-A's manager decides to check his audible at the line.  He could then either re-call Super Speed on his RB2, or save it and call Deathbone Double Down on his RB2 instead.

While fantasy football is usually an extremely competitive endeavor, it is important to remember that enjoyment of the game is predicated on a certain level of sportsmanship displayed by the participants. Occasionally, some team owners intentionally or unknowingly cross the line.

A: More than one team in the same league
One person can't control more than one team in the same league.  If two or more teams in the same league are under the same account, they must be controlled by different people sharing that account, but not sharing the teams.  Violation of this will lead to cancellation of the teams and expulsion from the game.

If an owner finds himself in this situation by accident, he/she should e-mail the commissioner immediately and explain the situation.

B: Collusive transactions
Collusion occurs when one team makes moves to benefit another team, without trying to improve its own position.  One-sided trades are an obvious example of this.  Another example is when a player drop is made so another team can pick up that player.  Teams found in violation of this policy will be cancelled and their owners prohibited from participating in future OMFF Leagues.

OMFF members are expected to veto/protest any and all unfair or collusive trades throughout the season.  At least 4 votes to protest are needed for a trade to be denied.

C: Impeding other owners
Certain transactions made solely to impede other owners are not allowed.  Tanking games for the sole purpose of denying another player's chance to make the playoffs is against the rules.  In particular, cycling through players in free agency to put them on waivers and make them unavailable to other teams in your league is strictly prohibited and is grounds for expulsion from the game.

D: Roster Dumping
Owners that are found to have dumped their players to the player pool in an attempt to undermine the league may be subject to expulsion from the game.  If you are giving up on the season, we ask that you maintain league strength by providing the other owners with the most competitive team you are able to field.


E: Owner interaction
Owners should always be polite and gracious when dealing with one another.  Threats and obscenities are not only against the Rules, they are illegal in many jurisdictions.  Owners that are found to have sent threatening email to another owner will be warned and/or kicked out of the game completely.  This extends to message board posts as well.


With that said, we understand that this is fantasy football MFL-style, and encourage trash talking and boasting; just know where the line is, and don't cross it.  Let's keep it fun.


F: Offensive posts
Any posts of a derogatory nature are strictly prohibited, whether it is in a chat room, message board, or on a league's bulletin board.  This includes personal attacks and sexist or racist remarks.  There will be a zero tolerance level - if someone in your league is violating this policy, please contact the commissioner.

G: Inactivity
In order to maintain the integrity of the league, the commissioner may contact owners of teams that remain inactive for extended periods of time.  The commissioner will send notification to the email of record.  Shortly thereafter, if the team remains inactive, the commissioner reserves the right to reassign ownership of the inactive team.

H: Commissioner powers
The commissioner will have final say and interpretation on all league matters, including those not addressed in this document.

  • 2017 = #1 Bryan Sweet (Menacing Frighteners) 110.12 vs. #2 James Theiss III (Hacksonville Jackals) 56.36

  • 2016 = #6 CHUD Nemesis (Croakland Invaders) 77.28 vs. #1 Justin Beechwood (Nuked London Hatriots) 67.66

  • 2015 = #1 Louis Earl Edwards (Sactown Amputaters) 101.04 vs. #3 Teddy Balandis (Arrested Benevolence) 74.92

  • 2014 = #1 Teddy Balandis (Arrested Benevolence) 92.16 vs. #3 Michael Mendheim (Midway Mutants) 68.52

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