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  • Terror Bay Mutantneers team

The most anticipated & requested new DLC team by the MFL community is finally here! The Mutantneers made the most noise of any team this year by signing the GOAT, QB Bomb Shady ito lead their team. Shady has a stellar cast on offense, along with a formidable defense & is ready to make a playoff run. Terror Bay is on a tear!

  • Slayman Maimes Stadium
    play against or as Mutantneers in Slayman Maimes Stadium, one of the most dangerous stadiums in the league. This pirate themed stadium has crashing waves and a pirate ship that fires cannonballs at visiting teams.

  • "Mutants Ahoy!" by Brian Schmidt
    The Mutantneers home musical theme song

Bomb Shady... what a treasure.
Somebody is totally gonna die on this play.
Mutantneers' killer stadium
Mutantneers scouting report
An electric moment
Dirty Trick: Sonic Blast
Cannonballs fire at opposing teams
Pretty sure it's only 3rd down...
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