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MFL Now Available on Consoles

Mutant Football League™ Launches on PlayStation 4 and XBox One

MORTON GROVE, Ill. - Jan. 19, 2018 - Get ready to break some bones and crush some skulls, Mutant Football League has launched digitally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today for $19.99, MFL is the latest digital download offering from Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC. Mutant Football League has already been named as the "Best Sports Game" of 2017 by Shacknews and has been the subject of numerous (fake) cover features.


Check out the new Mutant Football League launch trailer now!

Called "fast fun and easy for casual fans," as well as "incredibly violent and full of cheesy horror puns" (by the same reviewer!), Mutant Football League is loaded with blood and guts and humor that would make Dave Chappelle blush. MFL offers deep strategic 7-on 7 gameplay, and a ghoulish roster of skeletal deadheads, monstrous orcs, diabolical bruiser bots, criminal aliens and mutant humans.

Legendary voice-over actor Tim Kitzrow (NBA Jam) lends his vocal chops to pepper up the commentary with memorable lines about soft balls, shotgun hits and decapitation protocol, while Brian Schmidt (Crue Ball, Madden 93-96, Jungle Strike) provides sound design and ferocious rock-driven music tracks along with a multitude of Indie bands that perfectly marry the on-field mayhem.

"Thanks to our community and a stellar dev team you can now play MFL on console - where it belongs! This game delivers a new experience of fun, arcade style football action for a new generation of gamers, while retaining the spirit of the original game." Says, Michael Mendheim, Creative Director.

About Mutant Football League :

The classic Mutant League Football game, released in 1993 by Electronic Arts for the Sega Genesis, was a #1 bestseller and garnered a loyal cult following for its blend of monsters, mayhem, and good ol' American-style team sports. The reborn and modernized Mutant Football League is a 7-on-7 arcade-style, fully 3D sports video game where a variety of gruesome creatures take to the gridiron to battle it out in the most violent game ever played! The hilarious and brutal parody of professional American football will introduce a new generation of gamers to some of the wildest, most bloodthirsty superstar players to ever strap on shoulder spikes.

Support from diehard fans resulted in a successful 2017 Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete MFL's development. The campaign reached its pledge goal in a mere four days, fortuitously achieving its funding aims on Super Bowl Sunday.

"It's been a long, tough battle, but we made it!" said Michael Mendheim of Digital Dreams. "We captured the spirit and fun of the original game, while delivering a brand new vision for the current generations of gamers. The game is fun, deep, and will make you laugh out loud... or scream, depending on who on your team just died."

Additional Game Details:

  • Monsters, Miscreants, Mayhem, and More: Choose from 18 blood-thirsty, wisecracking teams including the Skeletal Deadheads, Armored Bruiserbots, Criminal Aliens, Mutated Humans, and Monstrous Orcs.

  • Boom-Shacka-What?: Legendary voice-over actor Tim Kitzrow --best known for being the voice behind NBA Jam-- provides the game's 'colorful' commentary.

  • Gridiron Carnage: Players inflict maximum carnage on the opposition with brass-knuckle punches, steel-toed kicks, hand grenades, clubs, battle axes, chainsaws, and more. Exploding body parts, comically horrific deaths, and blood splatters fuel the MFL visual experience.

  • Down 'n' Dirty: Use dirty tricks during gameplay to "Bribe the Ref", throw bombs, or equip weapons to inflict maximum carnage for real game-changing moments!

  • Full Season Mode: Dive into Exhibition, Practice, and Playoff games, or try and survive the Full Season grind to reach the ultimate showdown: The Mayhem Bowl!

  • Killer Stadiums: The 18 unique playfields are filled with diabolical and dangerous traps and hazards -- including explosive landmines, buzz saws, toxic moats, lava flows, and crazed fans cheering on their favorite murderous squad.

  • Multiplayer Madness: Two-player online or four-player local multiplayer gives offers the choice to clobber opponents or team up with friends to crush opposing miscreants!

For more information about Mutant Football League™, please go to

About Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC:

Founded in 2010 by Michael Mendheim and Maxim Novikov, Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC specializes in creating fun, entertaining, and innovative video games for PC, console, and mobile platforms. The company is headquartered in Morton Grove, Ill., with development anchored in Kiev, Ukraine, and focuses on developing high concept, classic retro-style games that engage hands and kick-start hearts. For more information about Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC, go to

Michael and Maxim have developed numerous game projects including Need for Speed: Pro-Street, Tazmania, BattleTanx, FIFA Street 2, Robocalypse, Mutant League Football, Mutant League Hockey, Def Jam Icon, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, SSX on Tour, CrimeCraft, and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.

Follow what's happening with Mutant Football League™ as a member of the MFL Fanatics Club. Sign-up at, or visit us on social media:

Legal Notices:

Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC's Mutant Football League™ game is a parody and is NOT licensed by the National Football League or the National Football League Players Association.

© 2017 Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

The Mutant Football League™ game and the Mutant Football League™ logos are trademarks of Mendheim Productions, LLC, in the U.S. and other countries. All rights reserved.

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