MFL Bowl Game Predicts All the Mayhem

NUKED LONDON HATRIOTS DEFEAT LOS SCANDALOUS DAMNED IN MUTANT FOOTBALL LEAGUE™ MAYHEM BOWL LIII PREDICTION MFL throws major Super Mayhem Bowl Sunday festivities by predicting the game’s final score, announcing esports tournaments and adding all-new content Chicago, IL - January 28, 2019 - Down by 14 points with less than a minute to go and no timeouts, Nuked London Hatriots star quarterback Bomb Shady led his team to a sixth Mayhem Bowl championship in an amazing comeback victory against the ruthless Los Scandalous Damned. Mutant Football League™’s Mayhem Bowl LIII simulation predicts a slim 27-25 overtime victory in favor of the world’s most hated football team. A video replay of this skin-r

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