MFL Mayhem Bowl Predicts the Big Game

Mutant Football League Simulates Sunday's Big Game Bomb Shady and the Nuked London Hatriots overcome a 21-point deficit to win the 2018 Mayhem Bowl! Minneapolis, MN - February 1, 2018 - The Killadelphia Evils delivered a near knockout blow to the Nuked London Hatriots with a 21-point first quarter lead at the 2018 Mutant Football League Mayhem Bowl - a simulation of this weekend's big game. However, the Hatriots were down, but not out, and the team fought back to win the game 33 to 30 in a bruising battle between two football heavyweights. Watch the entire Mayhem Bowl now: Watch the game trailer now: Run Your Own Mayhem Bowl with Free Killadelphia Evils MFL Download Mutant Football League

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